Idle Writings

[ 31 July 2016 - Sunday ]

Things To Do Today: Switch hotels, determine and edit which photos so far are going on Instagram, add photos to blog posts, think about what to film (now or when I come back), count money that I have left, first stab at a basic layout of the work (both the exhibition and the pamphlet to see what I might be missing…a lot.), check email to send Martin photos and load news articles, document how you get online in Cuba.

Success today is manifested in figuring out how to load pictures from my computer onto my phone without the Internet!  It can be done, woo! I remembered that I could edit and load Instagram photos and queue them up to quickly (fingers crossed) be uploaded (*cough* dumped) when I go to Obispo street to check my email.  (:  

Federación de Mujeres Cubanas - Founded by (the late) Vilma Espín, a revolutionary fighter and wife of Raul Castro.  As far I can tell its work was mostly positive - helping end illiteracy and worked to give women equal rights at home and in the workforce.

Comités de Defensa de la Revolución / "Committee for the Defense of the Revolution" - Wikipedia describes them in this way, "The organizations, described as the "eyes and ears of the Revolution," exist to promote social welfare and report on "counter-revolutionary" activity."

Bici-Cab Garage

In Habana Vieja


I have 520.00 CUCs on hand and if I subtract 30 for a cab to the airport and another 65 for my last night, that leaves me with approximately 32.00 CUCs per day.  Which is right around the range that I am spending, well a little more actually.  I’ll probably buy those Obama posters and a few other things, plus the cost to get into museums, etc.  By mid way through next week I’ll likely have to change over a little more money.  But it’s no big deal, I’ll head back over to the Hotel Nacional and change it there then spend the afternoon walking through Vedado again!

While I already miss little Niña cat, I can already tell that I’m going to be comfortable at the Hostal la Gárgola.  The guy at reception, Orlando, speaks English and is super friendly.  My room has a window (!!!), there’s a safe, AC, the cutest floral tile floor, a mini-fridge with beer and water in it for cheap (!!!), I can unpack all my stuff for once, there’s taxi service to and from the airport (I’m going to see if they can drop me off the morning of the 13th), and the hotel offers laundry service, I can order juice / water / wine (!!!) if I want to in the evenings, and there were three normal novels in English in the front room to choose from (I traded the English Gardener for the religious, small town, silly novel I just finished yesterday…not a fair trade at all haha.)  Also there are fresh flowers (freesia perhaps?) on my nightstand and I can smell them from here.  Oh but I do miss the company of Niña cat!  The only thing that might make this place better is wifi…I checked but nope, there’s none.  Not that I was actually expecting there to be any...

Collapsing building

Roads and buildings are crumbling but cars are shining, some of them anyways.

American flag sighting


Tomorrow I’m going to back to Plaza de Armas and buy the Obama and Statue of Liberty posters, hell I could go right now…One, they’ll be nice to include in my exhibition, two, they are 50% + cheaper than the ones at the bookstore, and three, it’s using money that was given to me for this purpose.  Why am I so hesitate to spend it?  Unless I get robbed, and I pray to God that doesn’t happen, I have plenty of money to last me another two weeks.  Less than two weeks.


Bought the Obama “Yes We Came” and the Statue of Liberty Selfie posters and really love them.  The “Cuba Post-Castro”, which I actually thought read “Post-Cuba Castro” (whoa semantics), creeps me out but I find that one really cool too, it's the most political poster I've seen that isn't pro-revolution.  The Che and Fidel ones lack the same vigor as the other three.  But for 10.00 CUCs each I had to start somewhere…

This is has been a really positive day in Havana.  As well, I think the beds at La Gárgola Hostal are more comfortable than any of the others I slept in while in Havana.  I’ve been sleeping like garbage every single night so far for reasons unknown to me, so maybe this place will be better.

I found a Chinese food resturant! 

Bottles slick with oil

An artist's studio