Urals Are Everywhere

I mean, it makes sense given that they are a Russian-made bike but it was definitely something I wasn't expecting to see.  Martin and I used to own a white Ural Patrol and back in 2009 we took an epic road trip through all of México on it!  Shortly after we sold the bike to buy a small sailboat and eventually sold the boat and then regretted selling the bike.  The seller's remorse persuaded us to buy another Ural though, this time a 2016 Gear-Up, which is currently sitting prettily in our driveway! (:

Knowing how famously finicky these bikes are I wished my Spanish was better so that I could swap stories to share with Martin later.  Instead I had to make do by collecting photographs of every Ural I saw!

Double Urals!!

In Vedado

The same guys and bike in Vedado

Driving along side the Prado

Hard to see but she's there!  In an old building near the river near Dos Hermanos.

Outside the front of La Bodeguita del Medio, almost everyday I saw it there.

Right off the Malecón in Centro

Cruising down the Malecón

Just for fun here are a few photos from our Ural trips!

At some (closed) zoo somewhere in México.  Don't judge that Nora Roberts book in my hand, ha!  It was probably another case of "this is the only book in English and I'm desperate for something to read."

Chilly but a-ok!

We used this photo as our wedding announcement / invite (:

And now back at it again, riding around Michigan's UP.

Sunset in Petoskey, MI - "No glass containers or animals" = no fun but p.s. we had Ralphie, our beastly dog animal, in the sidecar...

Overlooking Lake Superior in Copper Harbor, MI - Chatting with a few other bikers