Sunken Courtyard(s)

Eddy showed me this place, he called it a "hole."  I don’t think I’d ever have discovered it otherwise.  How crazy awesome is it!?  Though it was sad to hear him say, “It’s ugly now, but 50 years ago there would be music and parties and it was beautiful.”  I never really imagined having to see your city and home crumble before your eyes and not be able to do anything about it.

The "hole" near Eddy's house - just imagine this place full of music, food, and people!

A sunken courtyard Eddy showed me near his wife’s house.

In my attempt to find the other side of Eddy's "hole" I stumbled upon another courtyard!  I would have NEVER guessed that these existed in this neighborhood.  The area (Vedado) appears to be block after block of beautiful (albeit deteriorating) single-family homes of what was once the upper middle class.  It's not the living density that surprises me but the massive scale of these courtyards and how much earth they had to move to create them.

...I never was able to find the entrance to the other side of Eddy's, mostly because it felt impolite to walk down every private alley (i.e. trespassing) looking for it.

Entrance from street

Looking from the courtyard's alley toward the street.

Another residential courtyard I discovered.