Vedado & Centro Habana

[ 27 July 2016 - Wednesday ]

I walked around Vedado again in the morning and Centro this afternoon, wanting to eventually get to the Callejon de Hamel.  Tom mentioned that I’d probably want to go there with other people not solely on my own so I decided to walk as far as I felt comfortable.  Centro definitely has a different vibe than Vedado which feels more youthful and more like a “single family” house neighborhood (although I highly doubt a single-family occupied house exists anywhere in Havana nowadays).  


Vedado Neighborhood

Three little snubbed nose dogs guarding the gate.  The cutest thing I’ve seen so far but then in the next yard I saw four starving kittens and wished so badly I had something to give them.

Teatro Bertolt Brecht

So deco...

Three Flags

An aging private pool.


Centro felt a little rougher around the edges although all the guidebooks say it’s just as safe as anywhere else, e.g. it’s safe.  But the density of living was higher as there were more apartment buildings so I’d guess that’s what makes it feel different.  Anyways, on the way to Callejon de Hamel an older man, named Leo, introduced himself to me and was explaining that he played music in the Callejon, he showed me his calloused hands to prove it.  To be honest the alley felt a little touristy, if you can call anything “touristy” in Havana, and I felt like if I lingered too long I’d be trapped in a conversation with “my friend” that cost me a CUC or two by the end of it.  That’s actually one of the hardest parts of traveling for me, not knowing or understanding people’s intentions.

A small park at the edge of the Centro neighborhood.

Possibly the Parque de los Mártires Universitarios...

One of the first things i noticed in Havana was that the streets are fairly empty of cars.  

I’m dying to figure out who “Julien P” is because I see his street art everywhere in Vedado and Centro.

More Julien P street art.

Playing in the streets of Centro.

Monumento a Antonio Maceo

Along the Malecón

A store in Centro selling laundry detergent.

Souvenirs for sale

More deco!