Success and Hotdogs

[ 26 July 2016 - Tuesday ]

Day four!  Happy anniversary of the start of the revolution.  Happy indeed….

Walking around in Vedado

Improvised nationalistic banner (and drying laundry)!

“Revolution is to Build"

In Vedado

Success tastes like a hotdog! (:  I spent the day walking around Vedado, I found where the Fabrica des Artes is (edit: actually no I didn't), found the crafts market which either wasn’t open today or wasn’t open since 5 years ago (it’s hard to tell here), then went to the American Embassy to see that and the Wall of Flags.  Then saw the memorial for the USS Maine.  I looked around the Hotel Nacional briefly for Carmen, Tom, and Isabel but didn’t see them so I dropped off my postcard to Martin and tried to get online.  Apparently Google Apps don’t work here???  So that means no Gmail.  Then of course I forgot my Facebook password…but I finally got online like a real Cuban on la Rampa / Calle 23.  I still couldn’t login into my umich Gmail but I did have a text from Martin (who knows how old it was by now though and I hope my iMessages went through…they did say that they were delivered.) I also had a few WhatsApp messages from Mom and Erin.  After that I was walking up back to Eddy’s and saw the most glorious looking hotdog I’d ever seen.  I went up to the stand and read that a “Perro Caliente con Pan” costs 10.00 and for a second I thought it meant ten CUCs.  What Cuban…what person paying 10 dollars for a hotdog?!  Then I realized it was Cuban pesos and actually only cost about 50 cents.  I didn’t have any Cuban pesos so I continued on to Eddy’s planning to ask him where I could change CUCs for pesos.  He told me that I should be able to pay 1 CUC for a drink and a hotdog.  So I walked back, asked “Es posible por uno CUC?”  "Sí!" was the reply.  Like I said success tastes like a hotdog! 

In the foreground, a school and in the background, the Hotel Presidente.

Parque Martí


"...finally some photos!" I can hear you all saying. (: