Work Progress

[ 28 July 2016 - Thursday ]


I’ve made it to the Hostal del Ángel - the beautiful house!  It is funny how in other countries, even traveling with Martin, I’ve felt "sketched out" by some of the places we’ve stayed.  I don’t know if it's a survival mechanism or what but I felt very safe at Eddy’s and I feel secure at this casa particular too.  



I need to make a thesis and find the supporting evidence - at this point I think I can count on there being four types of images IN Havana:

Miscellaneous images (family photos, menus, chintzy tourist art, etc)
Images of the city that I take
Political images
Artistic images

The thing is that I want the exhibition to have images and then also physical things, either paper artifacts or objects.  Maybe it can be set up like this:


History (events that took place), Place (objective captures of what it looks likes)



Colonialism, Commercial Tourism, Anti-Communism, Decaying Disneyland



History, Place



Communism / Lack of commercial advertisements, ¡Cuba Libre!, Revolution / Fidel Propaganda



Thriving Art Scene



Some nights the evening hits and I’m counting down the hours until the next morning.  The Hostal del Ángel at least has a bookshelf full of books to borrow, but only one of them was in English, “These High, Green Hills.” If anyone actually clicks through to Amazon and reads the book's description, you'll feel pity for me.  But since I can't understand a lick of German the pickings were slim!  And I’ve got to read something other than the Cuba Reader or academic texts on the image!   I've been anti-Kindle for a while (my loyalty lies with actual paper and actual ink and that old book smell....mmmm) but DANG I wish I had snagged Martin's to use on this trip.