"Hip Hop Forever"

[ 8 August 2016 - Monday ] 

One of my favorites - those colors together!  So many people are unintentional artists.

An old sign from the 50s - I used it a lot as a landmark to navigate around Habana Veija.  I'll be honest, as I passed underneath it I always quickened my pace...

Green moat of the Castillo de la Real Fuerza

"Hip Hop Forever - Under Ground" seen outside the Bacardí Building

I think I've posted a photo of this building before but the newness and freshness of the renovation work seems absurd and caricature-like.

Woooo, I found another wifi spot!  And this one doesn't have a starving dog laying nearby.

The tone of this street art was unlike any of the others that I had seen thus far.

Stoop sittin' - a universally favorited pastime.

Stoop sittin' - a universally favorited pastime.

A young boy caught me taking this photo - well taking and re-taking - and I think he was perplexed. (:

Stages of renovation / preservation.

Perpetuating the superficial identity of Havana - but golly it was so perfectly photogenic.