Black on toilet paper

[ 7 August 2016 - Sunday ]

I felt like a sack of shit (as Martin says) today - hoping this cold goes away fast.  I've run out of the Hotel Nacional tissues and have been going through Hostal la Gargola toilet paper like mad blowing my nose, the housekeeper probably is wondering what the heck I'm doing, lol.  Running out of tissues to blow my nose with is something that I wouldn't worry about for half a second in any other city or even country.  But I seriously haven't seen a single grocery or "convenience" store anywhere!

So I kind of just wandered around not sure what else to do with myself, lots of things were closed since it's a Sunday and I didn’t really have the energy for much else.  I ended up sitting in a park for an hour or so just people watching and reading, trying to not think about the starving dog on Obispo as I watched two healthy ones playing in the grass together.