Cities Built By Everybody

Another mini-thought for the day.  As part of my work here I plan on drawing/creating three images that speculate.  What I need to figure out is what exactly they are going to speculate on Havana's possible futures.  Except that's all I can tell you right now.  I have a couple things figured out though.  One of the three will be relating Detroit and Havana because I find the similarities striking with one large difference...  But the other two drawings will be focused on Havana only.  They need to be spatial, they need to somewhat gather up the information from the rest of the exhibition, and they need to be done in an aesthetic that hasn't already been seen a hundred times.  I've been thinking about how to combine an external image-identity of Havana (based more on the individual) with the internal image-identity (which is based more on a group identity).  This Jane Jacobs quote seemed fitting.  A little idealistic...? but something worth thinking about.


Yesterday I was reading an article online titled, "These 10 Photos Will Make You Rethink Your Trip to Cuba."  Click bait probably as the photos weren't anything different from what everyone else photographs and shares (myself included at times) and I don't think the photos caused anyone to re-think anything.  Perhaps if you read his words you'd rethink your initial assumptions but even then, maybe not.*  

I'm getting sidetracked, none of that is actually my point.  Each image was partially obscured by a banner ad that popped up at the bottom.  Image ads are my biggest pet peeve and these ones were incessantly trying to sell me a Honda.  Other than being irrelevant I found the image juxtaposition a bit ironic.


* Also there are a number of things the author writes that I don't agree with but won't get into it now...