Thesis_Extended version


It all started when...

My thesis was a slippery thing, one that I never felt made its way out of the metaphor stage unfortunately.  And while in a perfect world I'd love to continue to devote oodles of time on it to push it into a work that is more designed, it just isn't a priority.  Sometimes when I am reading an article or blog I find an image or bit of text that makes me think that I hit on some relevant themes in my work - which makes me unbelievably excited!  Because I've written about what my thesis was in other parts of this site I'll just reiterate in a "word cloud" for those who need catching up: architecture (duh), exhibition, curation, lifestyle, aesthetics, complicity, role of the architect, modes of facilitation, values, aspirations.

So as sort of a pin up board of related projects found on the internet (and in the world) I'm going to start a collection of related images, titling this collection (...curation? oooh...) Thesis_Extended Version.  It means more to me than you probably and maybe one day it will add up to something more than a blog post.

Identity Investment - The relationship between what we consume (products, goods, services) and its reflection on our self-built personal identity. 

"A never ending loop of thoughts" by Hidenori Ikeda / Saiko Ito (Lifestyle Adventurer)

From In Architects We Trust? 10 Trusts Worth Busting on Common / Edge

"4) Trusting in the Aesthetically Correct. Herding is not limited to lemmings. Architects defend visual tropes until they jump the shark: must-cantilever will soon follow shipping containers, blobitecture, supergraphics, and Corbu glasses into the dustbin of been-there/done-that."

From Susan Sontag's On Photography

"Photographs document sequences of consumption carried on outside the view of family, friends, and neighbors."  Here's looking at you Instagram, et al...